7 Best Massage Chair For Large And Tall/Big Persons

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If you are looking for a massage chair that can accommodate your height and weight, you might have difficulty finding one that suits your needs. Most massage chairs are designed for average-sized people and may not fit you comfortably or provide a satisfying massage. That’s why I have researched and compiled a list of the best massage chairs for large people available on the market today. In this blog post, I will review each massage chair’s features, pros, and cons and help you choose the best one. You will find it here whether you are looking for a massage chair with an extended massage track, a high weight limit, a spacious seat, or innovative technology.


Human Touch Super Novo


Real Relax Massage Chair

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800

Infinity Massage Chairs Massage Chair

Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair

An intelligent massage chair with Alexa and a unibody track.A full-body zero gravity massage chair with an SL track and a body scan.A space-saving massage chair with an L-track, 3 stages of zero gravity, a body scan, and a yoga stretching program.A zero-gravity massage chair with a decompression stretch, a USB sound system, a lumbar heat, and a spinal correction feature.An intelligent 3D massage chair with a touchscreen tablet, a body scan, a memory function, and chromotherapy lighting.
SMART MASSAGE CHAIRThai Stretch MassageArm Airbag with new designDecompression stretchTouchscreen tablet with pre-loaded apps
ERGONOMIC UNIBODY TRACKOne-button zero gravity design6 Auto programsUSB sound systemBody scan with SmartSense Technology
3D AND 4D PROGRAMS6 different massage programsTimer button up to 30 minutesLumbar heatMemory function to save up to three users’ preferences
ADVANCED INTERFACE3 levels of adjustable intensityDouble-layer shoulder airbagsTwo Zero Gravity positionsChromotherapy lighting with seven colors
PREMIUM SOUND SYSTEMAirbag pressureExtra foot padding and remote holderStretching techniquesSix massage techniques and 17 auto programs
S- and L-Track Massage SystemsAuto BodyscanL-Track massage system
Full Body Massage3 stages of Zero Gravity
Foot MassageSmart body scan technology
Heating Therapy on the lower back and legs

The Weight Limit For Massage Chair

The weight limit for a massage chair varies depending on the model and the manufacturer. However, most massage chairs have a weight limit of 250-300 pounds. Some chairs may have a higher or lower weight limit, so it is essential to check before purchasing. When choosing a massage chair, selecting one that will be comfortable for you and your clients is vital.

Best massage chair for tall person

The best massage chair for a tall person follows the factors you should consider: maximum seat height and depth, massage track length and type, adjustable headrest and footrest, and reclining angle. Based on these criteria, one of the best massage chairs for a tall person is the Osaki OS-Pro Yamato Massage Chair, which can accommodate up to 6 feet 5 inches and 320 lbs. It has a hybrid L/S track that covers your entire spine and legs, a body scan that customizes the massage to your shape, a zero-gravity position that reduces pressure on your joints, and a USB sound system that lets you enjoy music while relaxing.

Best massage chair on the market today?

The best massage chair on the market today is a subjective question that depends on your needs, preferences, and budget. However, some features that you should look for in a high-quality massage chair are the massage techniques and programs, the heat therapy, the airbag massage, the zero-gravity position, the intelligent technology, and the warranty. Based on these features, one of the best massage chairs on the market today is the Human Touch Super Novo, which has three levels of adjustable back heating, a large LCD remote control screen, and a dual-track rolling system.

Size Chair For Tall People

The size chair for tall people should be large enough to support your back, neck, and legs comfortably. It would be best to look for a chair with an adjustable seat height, seat depth, backrest height, armrest height, and tilt angle. A good rule of thumb is to choose a chair that has a seat height range of 18-23 inches, a seat depth of 17-20 inches, a backrest height of 20-24 inches, an armrest height of 7-9 inches above the seat, and a tilt angle of 90-120 degrees.

Best chair height for tall people

The best chair height for tall people is that your knees are at a 90-degree angle, and your feet are flat on the floor when seated. This will ensure proper posture and blood circulation in your legs. To find your ideal chair height, measure your knee height (from the floor to the top of your knee) and add one inch for clearance. Alternatively, you can use this table as a reference:

Person HeightIdeal Chair Height


The Human Touch Super Novo is a massage chair that can provide a comfortable and relaxing massage for tall, large, or big people. It has many features that can enhance your wellness and make you feel like you are in a spa. If you are interested in this chair, you can check out some of the reviews and ratings from other customers.

The Human Touch Super Novo is a voice-automated massage chair that can give you a realistic and customized massage. It has a 4D massage system that can adjust the speed and intensity of the strokes and an SL track that can cover your entire spine and thighs. It also has a full-body stretch feature that can bend and stretch your body to improve your circulation and flexibility.

The chair also has a space-saving design that requires only 2 inches of wall clearance. The chair has a sleek and elegant look that fits any room. You can check out some reviews and ratings from other customers who have bought this chair.